September 5, 2016

One-on-One Personal Training

Each new client is first assessed using the PAC profile, created by Eric Chessen, founder of Autism Fitness. It is used to determine the Physical, Adaptive and Cognitive abilities of each athlete. This information is used to tailor a fitness program unique to the individual’s abilities and challenges.

These individualized fitness programs incorporate a wide array of activities all based in the five essential movement patterns: pushing, pulling, level change, rotation, and locomotion.

One on One training sessions consists of the member working with their personal trainer for either a 30 minute or 60 minute appointment time depending on the program they choose.  The personal trainer utilizes the Individual Fitness Program (IFP) that was designed specifically for the member based on their assessment, and other input from a variety of sources such as parents, teachers and caregivers.  Our IFP is made up of key areas; core, upper body, lower body, agility, and cardio with sports skills also mixed in if warranted.  We also work on coordination, balance, eye hand coordination and gross motor skills.  We work with a variety of fitness equipment and we integrate fun in their program to keep them motivated.  We track their progress every time they come and are always working towards the members’ goals. This is a structured program with the end goal of improving their overall health as well as lowering their anxiety and improving confidence.

Beyond the physical goals, we can and may focus on developing language, increasing focus on tasks, socialization, and initiating activity.